Serial to Micro USB adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero

Serial to Micro USB adapter for Raspberry Pi Zero blank blank


This solderless serial adaptor for the Raspberry Pi Zero  adds a micro USB port to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO for serial connections! The board uses an FTDI FT234X IC, and Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers are available for many operating systems on the FTDI website.

Using solderless pins, the adapter slides onto the back of a Raspberry Pi Zero ‘s GPIO with no soldering, but if a permanent connection is required, the adapter can still be soldered to the GPIO header.

The adapter PCB is printed with an alignment guide: Ensure the white SQUARE on the PCB is aligned with the GPIO pin with the SQUARE gold pad on the Pi Zero GPIO pin 1. It’s advised to connect the adapter to the Pi Zero before connecting the USB cable to the adapter, to prevent the serial RX/TX pins being connected before the ground pin. Once connected the Pi Zero can be powered on/off without issue.

When using with the Cluster HAT  you will need to cut the pins down so only a few millimeters stick through the Raspberry Pi Zero  and then file the ends round otherwise the adapter will short on the back of an adjacent Raspberry Pi Zero . With use the pins may become worn and need adjustment to keep in good contact with the Raspberry Pi Zero  GPIO header.

Price: £ 7.80

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