PiFace Relay Extra

PiFace Relay Extra blank blank


The PiFace Relay Extra plugs into the Extra port on PiFace Relay+  and adds 4 additional relays! It’s controlled by the same library and command structure. Alternatively you can plug the PiFace Relay Extra straight into a breadboard and control the relays directly.

Note: The PiFace Relay Extra requires a PiFace Relay+  board to work your Raspberry Pi.


  • 4 onboard relays (Max switching values: 1A 20V)
  • 4 indicator LEDs
  • 4 GPIO
  • Easy to use software
  • Easy connection with screw terminals
  • Compact size
  • Raspberry Pi® HAT footprint when used with the PiFace Relay+ 
  • Can be used directly in breadboards, prototyping and custom designs

Information Sheet

Price: £ 20.50

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