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The Omzlo PiJack pHAT lets you power your Raspberry Pi with any DC voltage source ranging from 6V to 28V, such as a car battery or a wall wart AC/DC adapter.

It features a DC/DC buck switching regulator that is designed to provide up to 1.7A to your board.

Note: The output of this board is up to 1.7A and best suited to Pi Zero projects – you will need to keep a close eye on power consumption of your project if using with a Raspberry Pi 4/3B+ (ideally headless without any power-hungry peripherals

The Omzlo PiJack HAT features a barrel-type power jack for DC wall supplies, with a 5.5mm jack and a 2.1mm center pole diameter. You can also optionally solder:

  • A 2 pin 3.5mm screw terminal block in order to connect power supply wires directly to the HAT.
  • A 2 pin 2.54mm header in order to connect the 5V output to something else than the Raspberry Pi.

The board also features an “ideal diode” that protects the Raspberry Pi USB net in case the Raspberry Pi is accidentally connected both to the PiJack HAT and USB power.

By default, the board is provided without a 2×20 GPIO header. As an option, you can add an unsoldered 2X20 pin GPIO header with short leads , or you can select an unsoldered stacking header 2×20 with extra long leads , instead.


Note: A Raspberry Pi board is not included with the PiJack HAT!

You can connect the PiJack to:

  • Pi Zero/W/WH
  • Raspberry Pi 3/3B+
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi B+
  • It can also work on the Raspberry Pi 4 in a headless setup, or as long as you avoid connecting power hungry peripherals, in order to maintain current consumption below 1.7A.

Power your next Raspberry Pi with the PiJack HAT!

Omzlo found out that adding a DC power jack to a Raspberry Pi can be quite useful for many projects, allowing you to accept a much wider range of voltage inputs than the typical 5V provided through USB. So they decided to create this HAT!

This is version 3 of the PiJack, which uses an SMT jack connector.

Price: £ 11.50

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