Nanomesher – ProdBoard & Multimedia (Switch, IR & OLED)

Nanomesher - ProdBoard & Multimedia (Switch, IR & OLED) blank blank


This Raspberry Pi Productivity Board (ProdBoard) contains essential utilities hardware which helps you with your Raspberry Pi projects! ProdBoard combines all of below features (and sample code) into a simple neat package:

  • 6 x GPIO Buttons
  • 2 x onboard LED
  • 3 x i2C Ports for connecting to sensors such as temperature, humidity and pressure sensors
  • 1.3″ High Contrast OLED display (128 x 96 resolution)
  • Integrated Nanomesher Power Pi Switch  (It’s programmable with onboard Attiny85)
  • Infrared Receiver with Remote Control included (LIRC compatible)
  • Infrared Blaster (LIRC compatible)
  • 8 Channel Dip switch to optionally turn off any buttons and LEDs, so the GPIO pins can be spared
  • Reusable Raspberry Pi 40pin GPIO Pinout
  • The Multimedia Pack Includes:
    • 5 x Extra Buttons for Multmedia Projects (Fast Forward, Rewind, Play/Pause, Plus & Minus)
    • Additional Multimedia IR Remote Control

The Hackable Raspberry Pi Switch (which can be controlled with a single button or IR remote) features an on board and removable Attiny85 Arduino Development MCU, which means the switch is both Smart and Hackable!

The Pi Switch Features

  • Single button on/off or Infrared (IR) remote operation (Remote Included)
  • LED light to indicate power status
  • Blinks twice when Switch receives power
  • Turn On when Pi is on
  • Blinks when waiting for Pi to turn off
  • Turn Off when Pi is off
  • Use standard microUSB and USB female socket
  • Suitable for mounting on front face plate
  • Onboard Attiny85 Microprocessor can be removed and reprogrammed if needed

Package Include:

  • ProdBoard with OLED Screen & 7 Buttons
  • IR Transmitter
  • Infrared Remote Control


Price: £ 29.75

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