ModMyPi Raspberry Pi Prototyping HAT

ModMyPi Raspberry Pi Prototyping HAT blank


Design your own Raspberry Pi HAT, attach custom circuits, LEDs, IC’s, potentiometers and more, with our Raspberry Pi Prototyping HAT! The HAT consists of a 0.1″ prototyping soldering grid for attaching your peripherals with breadboard style traces for easy links between components. The prototyping board includes 3.3V, 5V & GND strips for easy power connections, and a labelled GPIO breakout array (2 x 20) which fits a Raspberry Pi header  (not included) for quick GPIO links! The product comes fully assembled with our push-fit “plug & play” Single Shroud Header Socket Header , and 14mm HAT Mounting Kit , so there’s no soldering required.Features:

Price: £ 8

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