ModMyPi – Raspberry Pi Paddle Breakout HAT

ModMyPi - Raspberry Pi Paddle Breakout HAT blank


The ModMyPi Paddle Breakout HAT enables you to bring the Raspberry Pi GPIO out from your Raspberry Pi to ‘push wire’ paddle terminal points in the form of a neat HAT!

This kit requires absolutely no soldering, but will allow you to jump straight from the Pi to your project or breadboard without the use of a cobbler kit. All terminals are labelled on the PCB silkscreen, and have been re-ordered in a simple to use format.

The ‘push wire’ terminals can be utilised with solid core wire stripped to around 10mm of exposed copper. If you need to stock up on wire, check out our nifty Prototyping Wire Spool Set .

The ModMyPi Paddle Breakout HAT Features:

  • Fully Labelled Silkscreen for Easy Identification
  • Push Wire Terminals for Quick & Easy Connections
  • Pre-assembled HAT – No Soldering Required
  • Includes 40 Pin HAT Header – Plug & Play
  • Includes M2.5 Stand-Off’s for Mounting
  • Manufactured in the UK!

Price: £ 13

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