52Pi – HAT & Triple GPIO Expansion Plate

52Pi - HAT & Triple GPIO Expansion Plate blank blank


This triple GPIO & HAT expansion plate from 52Pi is perfect for sharing GPIO pins between applications and circuits! It’s often fiddly to combine HATs and breakout boards onto the standard single Pi GPIO header, but with the expansion plate, it’s a breeze. Simply hook up your Pi to the plate using a ribbon cable, plug your HAT onto the HAT station and plug any additional circuits or breakout boards into additional headers! You can even use the board to design your own HAT!

This board does require some solder assembly to connect the headers to the board.

52Pi – HAT & Triple GPIO Expansion Plate Features:

  • Triple GPIO Header Replicator
  • External HAT Station
  • Includes:
    • Expansion Plate
    • Ribbon Cable
    • 4 x 40 Pin Headers
    • HAT Mounting Kit

Price: £ 9

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